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Why vibble?

There’s a fundamental disconnect between the number of people that want to be creative with music and the tools that allow them to do it. As a result, creativity in music is limited to only a few. That needs to change.

We create vibble because we believe that music shouldn’t just be played – music should be played with.

People demand to participate. Creative expression is everywhere, and yet, in music there’s a wall between “normal” people and creativity. We tear down the wall between people and creativity in music. We connect passionate music fans with the artists and brands that inspire them, and give them a platform for creative expression, sharing and collaboration.

Music shouldn’t just be played. Music should be played with.

vibble stands for creativity for all, for creative expression, across cultures and regardless of field. vibble stands for the confidence to break barriers, to redefine normal, to try new things - with yourself at the center.

Thank you for joining the vibble community. Let’s turn listeners into creators.