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vibble x Perestrojka

In early march, during By:Larm, Norway’s version of SXSW, vibble invited the crowd to their showcase, held at Perestrojka, an intimate Russia themed bar. Gone were the balalaikas and the giant shuffle boards, replaced by a stage and the best of the new generation of Norwegian rappers, dj’s and producers.

Starting out Thias warmed up an already boiling crowd. He's not only a dj but also an excellent producer. Recently NRK P3 dubbed his music «hyperactive rainstep» — wath out for his EP later this year! Following Thias on stage was the Hester V75 and Vibbefanger associate, producer and dj, Niilas gracing us with a hard hitting dj set. Hester V75 were the first rappers on stage, an exciting young collective of rappers, producers and dj's from Bergen. Hester V75 was followed by Linni of Yoguttene, playing material from his stellar solo effort «Minimal», losing the mask Yoguttene is known for wearing at stage and delivering a show full of feeling and bangers.

«It was lit.»

Hard hitting

Before energetic club rap duo $ushi X Kobe got to shut down Perestrojka as the last act with a set the crowd will soon forget, the stage was set for Drippin. One of the most unique voices in Norwegian and global club music showcased his outstanding selection and skills, accompanied by the sublime, dystopian visuals of renowned artist Kyselina.