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vibble presents: Teddy Touch

Diving into the Bergen hip hop and DJ scene without constantly hearing the name Teddy Touch, is impossible. If you’ve found otherwise, it means you’re not a very good diver. In fact, you’re not even wet.

Teddy Touch is a living legend. As both DJ and producer, he has been an important part of the Bergen hip hop and electronica scene for many, many years. Well, not just a part of it - he helped give birth to it. Teddy Touch had his first DJing experience listening to Public Enemy and Terminator X! for the first time. 9 years old, he remembers popping in the cassette and thinking "What the fuck is this?!", and he immediately knew he wanted to do with his life. Teddy has done A LOT over his career, from supporting Nas, Snoop Dogg, The Roots and Talib Kweli, to being one third of the electronica trio Souldrop, and of course DJing for artists such as Röyksopp, Lars Vaular and more. The list goes on and on. As a producer and musician he has been instrumental in recording a lot of fantastic music over the years.

We sat down with Teddy to talk about how he looks at DJing nowadays, and where he thinks the scene is going. See the video below.

Make sure to drop by Teddy Touch's Soundcloud page here:

And he's on Instagram as @teddytouch