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vibble presents: Slick Shoota

Slick Shoota burst on to the scene at the tail end of 2010, hitting a nerve within the zeitgeit, on the cusp of juke and footwork emerging from Chicago, showing itself to be one of the most exciting and interesting sounds and cultures in contemporary club music.

His tracks managed to sound wholly his own, exploring the different styles of electronic music he’s enjoyed throughout the years, while still respecting it’s roots. His tracks got attention from key figures in the scene early on.

In november of 2015, he became an official member of the legendary Chicago-based footwork crew Teklife. Members include the late DJ Rashad and seminal footwork producers like DJ Spinn, Traxman and a host of other essential figures from the footwork scene, both stateside and worldwide. They were quick to reach out when he started releasing his tracks on Soundcloud, “I was relentlessly uploading new tracks. I didn’t think much of it in the beginning. People like DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn hit me up early on and told me “we like what you’re doing, keep us in the loop.” That was a huge thing for me. The originators of the sound feeling my music. Over the years I’ve been playing gigs and sending them tracks. It’s been a gradual thing, and then last year they just hit me up and said “let’s do this, let’s make it official.” Now I’m part of Teklife and I’m really proud of that.”

Talking about his sound pack for vibble, he says he wanted to capture the vibe of his own productions. “I wanted it to be similar to the stuff I produce. It’s fast, it’s hard hitting. It’s something that would grab your attention in the club. I wanted it to stand out. The sounds in there, it’s explosions, some trademark sounds from myself. I think people can recognise the Slick Shoota sound and energy.”

- The music I make is pretty underground, but to get that kind of attention from a huge label like Mad Decent and people like Diplo is pretty cool.

Slick Shoota describes his own gigs as high in energy and tempo. Although one of the most important aspects to him is presenting the crowd with music they might not have heard before, he wants to play “something to catch someone’s ear.” Hearing his sets over the years, both on his own and with is cohorts from his club night Ball Em Up, you get the feeling he spends hours digging for the right tracks to grace the crowds with. Always keeping up the energy and exploring the sonic palette of contemporary club music.

His interest in electronic music started with albums like The Prodigy’s Experience album, when he was around 12-13 years old. He says it completely changed the way he perceived music and made him realize he wanted to be able to create those kind of sounds and atmospheres. “This was really early on in the days of the internet, there wasn’t lots of information out there on how to make that kind of music.” He spent lots of time trying to find the appropriate software, playing around with loops and creating weird sounding stuff. Later though, he decided to get serious, “I was doing all this when I was a teenager, but when I got older i took a music production class.” This enabled him to explore different techniques and find his way as a musician. “I guess I’ve been producing for real for ten years now. It’s been a slow and steady curve going upwards, leading me to where I am today.”

When he started the Slick Shoota project, that curve started going upwards in an even faster pace, being contacted by the aforementioned Teklife crew and even having one of his first releases being on Mad Decent imprint Jeffree’s, the same imprint that released the surprising global meme hit ‘Harlem Shake’. The Mad Decent connection came about roughly the same way as his early encounters with the Teklife crew. A simple DM, telling him they were feeling his tracks and wanted him to do something for their brand new Jeffree’s imprint. “I’ve been working with them since, doing remixes and stuff. The music I make is pretty underground, but to get that kind of attention from a huge label like Mad Decent and people like Diplo is pretty cool.”

This success has had him traveling all over the world to play gigs. That’s where he gets most of his inspiration from these days. Before that, he says it could be everything, from a car ride to a rainy day inspiring a track. Elaborating on this newfound source of inspiration he says “I found that when I started travelign and playing around Europe and everywhere else, meeting all kinds of different people and seeing different cities, experiencing different cultures, that’s my main inspiration. Getting a different dynamic than your everyday life, traveling around, meeting new people and to see people get energy from something you created. To me, that’s pretty amazing and definitely inspiring to me.”