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A brief introduction to packs

Packs are essential to vibble. A pack is a collection of sounds and samples that allows you to add your own creative flavor to your favorite music and turn your playlists into personal remixes. Here is a brief introduction to some of the packs you’ll find in vibble.

Our very first version of vibble comes with five pre-installed packs. You can explore them in detail in the app’s Packs section, but here’s an overview:

vibble Originals: Hip Hop Essentials

Our vibble hip hop essentials pack adds plenty of attitude to your mixes. With classics such as airhorn, riser, gunshot and a vocal sample, you should be well equipped to impress even your most demanding friends.

vibble Originals: House Essentials

vibble house essentials includes sounds and effects that we know you'll recognize in an instant - whether it's from a dance floor, beach party or your dad's 90's cd collection. In any case, this pack will keep the dance floor busy for hours.

Drippin: Signature Sounds

Superstar Norwegian producer Drippin delivers his spooky sound pack, full of Drippin signature sounds.

vibble x Loopmasters: Afrobeat

Add that afrobeat vibe to your vibble sessions with this sound pack, containing essential percussion hits inspired by the afrobeat sound.

vibble Originals: Grime

Explore the hyped up, icy cold landscape of grime with this sound pack.

Once you’ve downloaded a pack it becomes available in vibble’s “mix mode”. Mix mode is where you get creative and spice up recent hits and old guilty pleasures. What you want to create is up to you. Very soon we will fill the Packs section with a lot more sounds, samples and effects. We will release packs on a regular basis, making sure that you get plenty of inspiration and that you are equipped to impress even your most demanding friends. Also, we have some really exciting artist collaborations in the works that we know you’ll enjoy. We’ll keep you posted!

Thank you for joining the vibble community. Let’s turn listeners into creators.